Freitag Design-A-Truck Contest


The world’s getting smaller, and we’re getting more and more of the same old stuff. The number of one-truck set-ups is dwindling. Which means our raw material – truck tarps – is also getting more uniform and more boring. And that's why FREITAG has announced its Design-A-Truck contest for 2015.

Vector artists from all over the world are invited to design the two 40 sq.m side tarps for a truck. The winning tarp will be fitted to a vehicle belonging to Swiss road haulers PLANZER and spend the next five years doing their job in an open-air, pan-European transit museum.

Design A Truck 4 ©Freitag

Design A Truck 3 ©Freitag

1st prize: 2000 € cash and an invitation to the tarp-fitting ceremony
2nd prize: a voucher worth 1000 € for FREITAG products
3rd prize: a voucher worth 500 € for FREITAG products

The Selection
The F-Jury will choose the 40 best designs from the entries that fulfill entry requirements. In May 2015, the winners will be decided by a fully democratic, public online vote.
Entry Deadline
Designs can be uploaded to our website until April 30, 2015.

The briefing and design templates as .eps- or .pdf-files.


The competition doesn't sleep: we've already received a number of designs from all over the world. From now on, we'll be giving you a roundup of trucks that have just landed in our mailbox - selected entirely at random. So, without any form of bias or preference, we say thanks for the trucks and the best of luck!

P.S. To anyone who simply wants to criticize, we suggest that you put up, shut up and download the template!

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